oro is the most unfortunate charector in the serie first he is given a powerfull title as one of the legendary sanin then the hokage title is taken a way by his freinds student so what does ore ?
well he runs to the akatsku gues who the leader of the akatsku ding ding ding

non other then another of jiraiyas pesky students so he tries to be strong and take itachis eyes he loses and runs away from akatsku
at this point I feel

so he turns to the only other person with itachis eyes he succed not getting the eyes of cousre but by getting to sasuke
but as a result he loses his arms from a tecnique that get this jiraiyas most famous student made the same person who took his seat as hokage
at this point a wonder is this guy gonna get a break the answer no
he gets sasuke and when his dream is soo close to coming true he gets killed I wonder who did this ding ding ding
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