I'm pretty much done with writing emo crap and lousy stories (sigh) its very hard to write anything good when i'm still thinking of my old stuff on the floppy disk i have. anyway. here is part of something really old

Red Ghost
the dream

1: Hello

The sky burned bright red as the unfocused image of a young boy holding his hands up while floating in the air, he can barely be seen from the ground, two inch?s above his hands a bright red orb steadily expands as the intense energy inside swirls ready to be released. On the ground a man picks himself up out the crater made by his body, coughing up blood he stumbles to his feet as the black suit he wore partially ripped apart puffs out a cloud of dust. Twenty yards away a girl dressed in a sky blue uniform runs towards him while screaming to the boy in the air, her short black hair blows back as her face turn?s red from trying to scream through the winds caused by the orb.
(Lisa) ?Eiclain stop!?
(Mark) ?Lisa no, stay back!?
Mark fell back on the ground light headed and weak from the impact, above him in mid air Eiclain?s body remains unfocused only the red nerve like endings that cover his body glow as he drops his hands allowing the huge orb to fall, the swirling energy screamed like over powered jet engines as it fell blowing away the clouds that surrounded it.
(Lisa) ?Mark!!!?
The powerful energy inside the orb blew Lisa back as it crushed marks body, his screams barely heard through the massive explosion as his body disintegrated under the intense heat and pressure.
(Lisa) ?No! Not Mark, not Mark!!?