Augh...for 4 days, stating tomarow, I'll have to take the NJASK, which has 2 days of reading/LA, and 2 days of one week...oh, well.

on May 13, i'll be able to go to a museum in NYC!!! WOOT!!!:laugh I was there in kindergarden, a year before 9/11. It's a science museum, and on a balcony, you can use a pair of binocculars to see the statue of liberty. it's beast. utterly beast.

The day after that is the forst night for the Ringling Bros. circus, and we're going to get tickets!!! This year is the sphere where motocycles go in it and ride around in it:nod. last time, two years back, it happened. we guess the circus switches events every other year.:kthumb

Then, a month after that, we go to Mercer Park, where it is, idk:argh. i've never been there, so don't ask me for the details.

After that is summer break, thank god...

that's all for today.