I miss the hype that surrounded the leaders of the Divisions.

I miss seeing Kenpachi fuck up Tousen.

I miss seeing Byakuya fight for the first time and getting owned.

I miss Ikkaku and his badass self.

I almost miss Renji...almost.

Hell, I even miss old Ichigo...

Now, in Hueco Mundo, it's as if the old characters forgot about plot, value, all of that shit and deciding to go around aimlessly drawing swords and shouting "BANKAI LULZ"

I also fucking hate this PIS :pek Byakuya has AIDS, herpes, crabs, but still, he is too much for a mere ESPADA. Jesus.

Grimmjow and Nnoitra saved this arc though. Grimmjow fighting with one arm was priceless xD

Nnoitra and his badass self was awesome too[/rant]