Recently, I just finished watching Bokura ga Ita. I actually watched this series on a whim. And after doing a run of it, I have mixed feelings with this show.

Plot: 8/10
IMO, the plot is formulaic and predictable for a high school romance anime, but I have to give credit on how it was executed. Seriously, I haven't watched any anime that was this moody in such a long time. If anything, I'd like to call this show the anti-thesis of Lovely Complex when it comes to mood. I mean, LoveCom was always on a positive mood regardless of drama scenes, while Bokura was consistently on a melancholic mood regardless of funny scenes.

If there's anything that I didn't like about the plot - it's the ending. I know that the manga is still unfinished, but still, the anime staff could have at least created their own original and happy ending and not a depressing open-ending. Unless there are plans of a second season once the manga has ended (and I wish that the manga ends in a good note).

Characters: 10/10
I have lots to say with the characters. If anything, this show has great character dynamics.

Okay, Nanami was irresistibly cute and pretty much cries easily, and I admire her affections for Yano, but I didn't like it when she becomes too obsessed with Yano's dead ex-girlfriend (and even the younger sister). She becomes too possessive of him that it affected their relationship so much. As for Yano, there are times that he is like Atsushi Otani from LoveCom - he can be dense, an ass and tactless sometimes. Now that I think of it, the analogy works the same for Nanami as LoveCom's Risa Koizumi.

As for side characters, I think there's isn't a character as fruity as Takeuchi. Seriously, I can't hate this guy. One moment, he acts as the mediator, and in another, he goes after his best friend's girlfriend and hesitates. I mean, he cares for his friends so much that this is the only thing that stops him from dating Nanami. But then again, I don't hate him for doing so considering Yano isn't exactly the best guy for Nanami, although the girl has really fallen head over heels for Yano that she won't probably ditch him out for another guy.

And lastly, Yuri. I feel pity for her, really. Yano practically toyed around with her from start to end, and boy, was he surprised when she confessed at the hospital. I was like :facepalm when that happened. And to think that Episode 21 was probably the most depressing episode for me than the final ep.

With regards to VAs, I don't know if they're really bored with their character or the character they are voicing are boring.

Art/Animation: 7/10
The show looks rather simple with the colors and the tones, and the animation was consistent with the eye shots - which got tiring eventually. But most importantly, there were no QUALITY shots. Despite being simple, I think it's fine.

Sound: 8/10
I can't remember a series that had a lot of insert songs and EDs aside from this one. Honestly, the show's list of inserts and EDs are diverse, although the one that really stands out is the OP itself, "Kimi Dake Wo...". The song's lyrics fit the gist of the series perfectly.

Total: 8.25/10
Bokura ga Ita could have been the best shoujo anime that I've seen ever if not for the unsatisfying ending. I can't say enough how much I disliked it. I seriously feel so bad with anything that has to do with separation.

I felt sad in ef -a tale of memories- when Chihiro broke up with Renji, when Ichitaka and Iori were forced to separate due to Iori's actress stint in I"s, when Keitarou left Naru for the US in Love Hina, when Sugar left Saga to return to the fairy world after months of being the best of friends in Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy (it was inevitable), and when Yuzuyu and Kippei had to say goodbye to each other after almost a year of them being with each other in Aishiteruze Baby (the separation was inevitable too, but to see them separate that quickly felt really sad). But then again, the series I just mentioned had managed to pull-off a satisfying ending.

With shows like this, I really like happy endings, but I can't help it that this series didn't end that way. Although that doesn't take away the fact that I really liked this series for all its worth. I don't see myself re-watching this more than any other anime I've watched unless I'd like to relive that interesting and touching love story Nanami and Yano had.

Season Two, possible? We'll see. And I'm still hoping for that good end.