So recently in China and Taiwan there's a flux of celebrities generated from singing competitions much like American Idol: strict judges, rounds of eliminations, interviews with contestants, etc. I watched one of the competition and sort of paid attention to what happened to those contestants who became singers afterwards. (...well, since they are on the news and tv shows everywhere.) Interestingly, the competition don't seem to stop after the show is over. Polls are constantly made to compare how well are doing in their singing careers after the competitions. Or who is your favorite, etc. You'd often see fans flaming other singers or each other in those polls. And those polls even made their ways on the news (in fact, that's how I learned that those kinds of polls exist).

Coming from the same competition and spending months together during the competition, those singers were all very good friends during the competition. That's not the only reason that I find the flaming is a bit too wild. I like the show and their performances as stars a lot. But pause a bit and stand back, it seems like we are generating topics to entertain ourselves and flame each other online to get some sort of thrill. For a while I feel like those who commented enthusiatically in the poll is in a different world from mine. I guess those discussions are sometimes interesting and informative. But sometimes the atmosphere is getting so bad that make people totally zoom out.

One of the singers whose name is also listed in the poll posted in his blog to ask his fans not to be too involved with the polls that it becomes a burden of their work or studying. He said he still cares for his fans, but exactly because he cares for them and their support does he decide to stop them. I am not sure if he really cares about the poll or not. But man, what an interesting thing for him to say. xD Even though some fans are actually irritated by what he said (because there were so many exclamation marks used in his blog entry that some people thought he was angry at the fans), but I mean, com'on! Imagine a flame war getting really bad on NF... it's like even Naruto or Sasue has decided to jump out of the manga for world peace!