This entry will be covering three issues... Basically, I'm just joining three posts into one.

First off, The coming primaries.
Earlier, I made a prediction about Obama losing 5 points in NC. Polls have been confirming my thought overwhelmingly. Pollster shows that while Obama has stayed around the same percentage. Clinton has been rising, most likely picking up the undecideds.

The whole Wright incident has without a doubt caught Obama off guard. So much so that he had to denounce him right then and there(If it wasn't a ploy to fool us)
And it's showing.
Without a doubt, NC is Obama's and Indy is likely Hilary's. But by how much?

For NC, I predict a 10 point lead for Obama. give or take a point.
for Indy, well, I really haven't been paying attention there much since the Wright thing came back to haunt Obama. So I think a 4 point lead for Clinton.
Either way, it means Clinton is still in play.
However, FiveThirtyEight disagrees and thinks that in NC, there will be a 17 point lead. We will see.

Laffer Curve:
Those of you interested in Tax Policy should know about the laffer curve.
Understanding the Theory:
Reviewing the Evidence:
Dynamic Scoring:

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Next up, the whole GTA4 mess thats been going around some conservatives hangups and why I think there is a bit of overreaction, even if it's completely warranted.