Hello! I like this blog feature because it gives me one place to put my thoughts on Naruto and to review some of the stuff I have been reading and watching.

A little bit about myself. My first exposure to Naruto came when the anime started here in the States. I loved the show and decided to start reading the U.S. Shonen Jump. After that, I started picking up all of the Naruto volumes. In a search for other fans I came across the NarutoFan website. Once I realized that I could read up to where the manga is in Japan, I gobbled up all the chapters I could and read every one of them in one week.

The manga I am currently reading are Naruto (US volumes and Japan chapters), Bleach (US volumes), Death Note (US volumes), Inuyasha (current chapters), Full Metal Alchemist (current chapters), and the US Shonen Jump.