I have a dream that my four little children
will one day live in a nation where
they will not be judged by
the color of their skin but by the content of their character
- Dr. Martian Luther King Jr.​

The issue of Obama's race has been brought up many times. Uh... no, the black part of him, not the Muslim part. In fact, even mentioning his middle name around here will result in it being edited out for some reason. So this thread will only talk about Obama's race in relation to him being black and what that has to do with anything regarding the election.

People ask if Obama is black enough to be the president. I guess blacks are concerned that he is too white... ??? I don't know, maybe they think he's white washed and won't represent blacks, sort of like how Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don't. I'd think the question would be if Obama was white enough to be the president, since most people don't think a black man is capable of winning a presidential election by getting votes from whites. So I guess we'll answer that here.

Is Barack [-snip] Obama black enough?

Obama says a cab wouldn't pick him up, and that proves he is a black man.


He then goes on to race bait and say that the government has not done enough to eliminate the problems left over from the slavery and Jim Crow era, and that he will solve the disparaging gap between the races. Hmm... well I guess that shows his blackness, right?

However, Obama sells out the black race and the struggle of black people during the civil rights movement 35 seconds into this video:


Remember the question. Is the struggle of gays ON PAR with the struggle of blacks during the civil rights movement?

Cutting through the hesitations and vague answers, he said that while the issues homosexuals face today are different from those faced by black people back in the day it doesn't mean there aren't parallels. So in other words blacks never had to sit at the back of buses, never had to drink from designated fountains, and were never kept out of certain stores and places of business, just like gays never have been. OR, all those things did happen, and they are happening to gays too. In which case Barack is gay enough to be president as well. Anyway, he sold out the black race the second he started giving a wishy-washy answer. The first words out of his mouth should have been Hell and no.

Black people were treated like crap back in the day by people in quite a few states, and they were denied many civil rights that were clearly granted to them in the Constitution. Gays have simply been opposed and in some cases despised because of their behavior and deathstyle. The fact of the matter is that if they keep their sex life PRIVATE, as it should be, then they are treated equally as any other American because no one else knows if the person is gay or straight. The so-called struggles and problems that gays face today are those that they made up in their own minds for themselves because they like to feel that they are being oppressed in some way. No black person ever asked to be shown prejudice based on his or her skin color, but every gay who has been shown prejudice brought it on themselves by making their private life public.

I can see this, and I'm white. But then again, I'm not trying to pander to minority groups, so...

Next up is the man who supposedly beat Obama to the punch...

Obama was asked if Bill Clinton was the first black president.


Well.. Obama begins reluctantly, mind racing to put together an answer that won't alienate the Clinton voters and yet woo the black voters. I think Bill Clinton did have an enormous affinity with the African American community and still does - and I think thats well earned, he said.

Obama said he had respect for those who grew up in the South during the segregation era, who witnessed the transformation of the region. Each successive generation can create a different vision of how we have to treat each other, and I think Bill Clinton embodies that, and I think deserves credit for that said Obama. Just as it seemed he was in the clear he got cocky and tried to make a joke.

Now, I have to say that I would have to investigate more of Bills dancing abilities and some of this other stuff before I accurately judge whether he was, in fact, a brother.

What other stuff? Maybe he wanted to talk to Monica Lawinski for some reason?

Joking aside, this is pure pandermonium. This time he sells out the black race first then he gives the jazz hands. Instead of taking offense at the question of whether a sick white pig who cheated on his wife and then lied about it under oath qualifies as a black man let alone the first black president, he plays along and gives an answer that is on par with the common belief that he was the first black president simply because he gave blacks more welfare and shook the hands of so-called black leaders.

Why didn't he simply express his dismay with the assertion that race is relative to character, in that how Bill acted made him black? Why didn't he say that Bill Clinton was not actually black? You know, which is a fact? And if character or what someone does for blacks can indicate if that person is black or not, then why not point to Abraham Lincoln as the first black president? He did so much more for them than Clinton ever did! Or why not Ronald Regan, who brought black people into a better economic standing?

But no, the only Lincoln Obama knows is Lincoln Perry. A SILVER REP to the first one to get that joke and post how it connects to Obama here.

For more of Obama's sell-outness click on the following:

Obama is for helping blacks in the cities yet he wants to decriminalize pot.

Obama says he is for helping the black community and yet he is for abortion, which affects blacks the most, and he is for letting newborn babies die in garbage dumpsters.

Obama is for the quality education of black children and yet he wants to corrupt their minds by forcing sex-ed on them starting in kindergarten!

Obama takes his name off Michigan primary ballot, forcing Obama supporters to vote for someone else or vote uncommitted.

Obama is dangerous. He would be poison to America. He doesn't know what he stands for when pressed on the issues, and in reality he represents all the bad and destructive elements in America. Moreover he is only pandering to blacks in order to get their votes when in reality he has no interest in standing up for them or their core values. The black people will be hurt the most if he is elected president. He did nothing as a senator, and he was pushed to the top by his party who only wanted to use him as a Magic Negro to make it seem like the democrats are the only ones who care about blacks and want them to have equal chances. The thing is, blacks don't realize that democrats are the modern day slave masters. They keep blacks down by keeping them dependent upon the state through welfare services. They keep their numbers down by pushing the abortion option on them. And they keep their education low by allowing drugs to flood their communities and for bad curriculum to be taught in the schools. Obama is for the same thing.

So my conclusion is that he is not black enough, and he is using his skin color to get votes from the liberals who think that voting for a black man will prove that they aren't racist. :notrust
Really, they have two loser candidates who are only there because liberals think they are going to be the first to break the glass ceiling or be the first in electing a first black or a first women president.

Obama is not black enough, and his skin isn't white enough. If he is the nominee, every white man that hasn't voted in 20 years will come out just to vote against him. Why? Because he ain't white and he ain't right.

Posting this here for future reference.