So this is blog huh?

I been on NF for a long time, I remember 4 years ago, when I was introduced to Narutofan by my friend. Ever since than I always lurked around.

Now I can't even remember the e-mail I used to register nor what the forum name is, I had to re-register. Ah, all's good.

I hate posting, it makes me feel even more idiotic, I don't want to post something that's half assed but while I also don't want to bash another member who has been NF longer. I have this weird habit while I am reading. I always check

1. The date they joined
2. Post counts

Maybe it?s just me since I am OK on other sites I regularly visit since I am @ top 1000 member #.


Now here's another thing. I been drawing for a long time. But never with a group nor making plot outlines...

2~3 years ago, I been with 3 people (Who are older, I am youngest) and we been drawing manwha (Korean word for manga) based on MMORPG. I was never much of a fan of that game, but the attacks the different classes have intrested me.

Of course we all had our parts, I drew maybe 4~5 pages out of all the plot, but it doesn't matter.

Here's one of them. (1 per day)