After claims and claims that Itachi's dead, I still don't think that's the full story. At least, that Kishi wants us to know, for now.
Firstly, Itachi died so suddenly from a snake bite (?). This isn't a certain assumption but a snake slithering right under Itachi when he collapses is a bit of a significant panel. Unlike The lizard in Naruto Shippuuden 49...
Secondly, Kishi isn't dumb. For crying out loud, isn't the pattern of the Akatsuki dying without their cloaks a tiny bit obvious? Kishi must have worked this out, and perhaps this is just one of twists.
Thirdly, Zetsu said that Itachi wasn't at his best, was there a fight before this one that itachi was hurt in. Or were the three God Jutsu just too underestimated? Where was Kisame?

Oh well, tomorrow will hopefully be the decider.
And I can't wait.