Going back to maybe 10 years back, so we are looking at when I was 9.... Things have changed eractically.... Such as.... Back then.... I was able to walk home in the dark at like 6:30 in the evening.... Without worrying about those who would do wrong in the world....

But now.... Without warning.... People are being kidnapped.... Rapped or murdered.... What is our world coming to???? Have we become such a dangerous world we cannot trust our kids or friends to walk home by themselves???? Is it that we can get away with more these days than what we were able to????

It has come to the stage where every time I watch the news something has happened.... Such as a child was raped and murdered.... A mother of 2 was shot infront of her children.... What has the world come to???? Our world is full of madness.... How can we stop it???? Can we stop????

These days.... I am not so sure.... :(