Chevaux said:
POLYGOD...When you get modded will you modfuck me every day?
Roy Mustang;15162523 said:
polygon is right
Everlong;15439614 said:
polygon has an infinite number of sides, and they're all awesome
Shodai;16183125 said:
Hey Polygon put me in your sig you double ^ (use bro)
Raiden;17738383 said:
Cheer up Poly.

I drew you something:

EDIT: Whoops, I forgot to color the top of the hate, lulz.

Dave;21505140 said:

Hollie;21510309 said:
I've been secretly trying to get into your sig for the past year :(

Byakk?;21968331 said:
Polygon if I lick your anus can I be in your sig?

Para;22786127 said:
Jotaro Kujo;35344495 said:
Memos is mad cuz PoP is always styling on him.