So another traning arc starts, yay! I am picking up with another adventure with Naruto. With Jiraiya, he travels to the city and bars. With Frog Pa, he now travels to the frog world in the mountain. Then, for no particular reason, I recall his training with Yamato and Kakashi.

Unlike Jiraiya and Naruto, whose relationship gives people a grandpa and grandson feel, Kakashi seems to treat Naruto fairly, or even a bit impersonal (or so that I feel). He would not overindulge his students. But under his calm composure and strict elite standard, he's got great expectation to Naruto; as the result of the training, Naruto defeated Kakuzu. Finally we got to see that Kakashi trusted Naruto to the extent that he saw him as the Fourth's successor. The compliment... is more of an objective assessment or a subjective sentiment of the past?

Kakashi this character reminds me of a traditional soldier. He is a practical person who does not let emotions get in the way of the way things are done or into his expressions, perhaps not even to the person that has impacted his thinking and feelings, but his heart does feel strongly to things that he considers personal to him. And, if applicable, he manifests those feelings into principles and actions. He is someone who actually remembers and takes away a lot from the heartfelt events. His dad's suicide made him into a perfectionist who tries to efficiently complete the millitary assignments. This mentality and the debts that he felt he has received from his dad have probably established the basis for him to become not only a regular ninja, but a top-notch mission specialist. The death of Obito made him rethink about the importance of comrades. And in memory of his old friend, he did not waste the eye that Obito left him and has used it well to earn the name of the "Copy Ninja".

Comparing to Team 7, it's a longer road that he has gone and more deaths that he has seen. Even though he has become even tougher and his eyelids have grown heavier (and his humor is getting more and more sarcastic ^^), he is a character with much humanity and discipline in him, with a special flavor. Perhaps that's why I'd still want to see him play a big role in the future (which might get ugly as the bad guys keep popping up), not just because he is a ninja of great strength when it comes to battles, but because he might continue to share a few lessons with Team 7 members.

Hey, Kakashi! Why are you looking at the camera the same way as you read Icha-Icha?​