some people really underestimate yondaime I read comparing himwith itachi uchiha as though the assumption wasnt rediculas enough these belive in a match that itachi would trap yondaime in his mangekuye sharingan there are mjor flaws in this match up fisrt being a charector like itachi is useles against high speed opponents let alone one that can teleport and people asume that yondaime cant teleport without using his kunai the truth is the seal is like an area digit it give him a spacific area to strike beacause teleporting is faster then the speed of light so he cant posibly direct himself on where to attack that why he has the kunai so that he doesnt teleport to another palent or somehing the truth is if evn he doent place his kunai he can still teleport away from a major attack

now imagin yondaime whom watever he touches turns into a teleporting itle touches a couple of trees around his a ponent then combine teleportation with the rasengan well its safe to say things arent looking good for the aponent dont forget that yondaime can do shado clone and summon difarent parts of frogs and diffarent frogs as well like jiraiya

lets take itachi and his partner yondaime puts them in the belly of the beast and throws one of his kunai outside then he puts another belly of the beast on top of that and teleports outside were he put some ramen to eat itchis freind is killed there and itachi uses his mangakuye twise so he is basicaly tired yondaime pute a kunai right in front of the trap so when itachi comes out of the second trap he used almost all of his chakra bum resengan faster then the speed of light they both dont have a chance yondaime finishes up his ramen heals the frogs stumach and goes home
sorry itachi it just wasnt ment to be:yondaime
as for itachi:cry:cry