Some Sasuke fans believe that Minato set the Kyubii to mix since birth therefore Naruto learned every jutsu possible and keep in mind that I wrote some Sasuke fans not all.

These are the scans that they like to use this as proof.

Some translations say that it slowly melds with chakra, while say that if it any any of the Kyubii leaks outs it would be suppressed with his chakra, which is the accurate translation and I give details why.

In chapter 94 Jiraiya states that Naruto's body it's what's suppressing the Kyubii chakra, which is what Jiraiya is saying

Then some of them will say that Orochimaru says that the Kyubii was mixing therefore it was.

However,that's not what Orochimaru was saying. If you go back to the scan and read the scan on the middle right he's saying that the Kyubii mixes with his base form when Naruto gives into his anger in chapter 49.

He said that the Kyubii and Naruto's psyche have been on opposite ends and then become on the brink of symbiosis, which further indicates that Minato didn't set to mix since birth.

Kurama confirms this himself in chapter 645

They'll then use Fukkasaku's statement in chapter 490 to prove that he did.

However, they ignore the very next 2 pages where Naruto restated that Yamato told him not to rely on Kurama & if anyone wants to know the chapter it's 299.

Then they'll use Naruto's statement of saying that got the Kyubii his whole life in chapter 519.

However, they ignore Naruto's entire comment because in the 1st sentence he said that he has plenty of his own chakra. If they read the middle right of the page it takes a fair amount of time for Naruto's chakra to restore when he's in KCM 1. If the Kyubii mixed 24/7 then Hachibi wouldn't have made that statement.

He makes that same statement in the page prior, which means no Kurama doesn't give Naruto chakra 24/7.

In chapter 92 Jiraiya confirms that when Kurama gives Naruto chakra it's red, while in the manga Naruto's is yellow in the middle left and right of the page.

Kakashi during the Rasenshuriken training that Naruto's base chakra was 4x higher than his without Kurama.

All of this means that the Minato didn't set the Kyubii to mix since birth therefore being essential to Jutsu. If anything the exact opposite was true because as I said before in chapter 94 Jiraiya confirms that Naruto's body was being used to contain Kurama.

Yamato also confirmed this in chapter 299