Yup. Metal Gear Solid. I've only recently gotten the Essentials Collection. I've got to say MGS2 and 3 rock. I haven't played the first one because of my lack of a PS3 and a PS1 memory card...

Well Raiden wasn't as bad as everyone made him look like. Sure, the whole naked Raiden thing was kind of gay. But once you got to that room where you had to keep pushing select, if you stopped and looked at the map. There was a hot chick there sitting on a chair...Now, I don't know how long it lasted, but I watched it for a few minutes. Those minutes made up for the whole naked Raiden thing.

The ending was pretty cool, and the boss fight was also cool. I liked the whole over all message with Snake. Kojima sure knows how to make a game.

Now, MGS3. So far it's proving a lot harder to avoid people when you're in the jungle. I'm barely about to fight Ocelot for the first time, so I wonder how that will turn out. Naked Snake is such a pervert too...Then again, I wouldn't be able to help myself from peeking at Eva if she was the only women for miles. Hell, I wouldn't mind taking a few peaks even if she wasn't the only hot woman around.

I'll get MGS4 when the PS3 bundle comes out. It's much better then that Motor Storm bundle pack too. Brawl has been keeping me busy too...Recently I've entered a contest started by a friend of mine. He has a podcast on all things Nintendo that I listen to, so he announced a Break The Targets contest quite sometime I ago. I sent in my run, and they were nice enough to post the video on youtube.

This was a no items run on Lvl 5 of Break The Targets. I've never done it to actually win the contest, I only did it my first time to finish one of the challenges. After about 5 tries I was able to get my best run with Sonic. I didn't try any other characters because I am more familiar with Sonic at the moment. Here's the video and you be the judge.