Years ago people had commonly died around the age of 30 due to disease and lack of medical knowledge. Therefore young girls around 13 instinctively feel that their lives are half over, putting them into a position to desire mating at an early age. This is why 13 year olds have such strong lustful energy. However, it is due to modern American culture, through magazines and MTV why these same young girls are now even more liberal with their desires and dress more prevocatively to reel in men. However, due to the fact that they were mothers for centuries at this age, they instinctively mature much faster then men. So even as 12 and 13 year olds they find boys their age completely immature and in turn, project their sexual energy toward older men. Modern day society is completely aware of this, but they are leaving it up to men to be unattracted and look at them like breastless women who need to mature. But in this day and age, grown women have let society warp their minds to desire so much more then just sex and mating. Older women want money, nice cars, fancy houses, etc. Therefore, they have come to expect more from men, where as the younger girls need nothing but pure sexual pleasure. This is where men have to compete so hard for older women that they begin to look at adult women as too much of a challenge. Men begin to feel less appreciated by older women. Men instinctively just want to spread their seed. Not compete with modern day society's economical platform. So because of this, the young 12-13 year old becomes more appealing as her desires are much purer and only asks for a man to be capable of the one thing all men are. Fucking.:amuse