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Onepunch Man: The odd numbering of chapters makes it hard to find where I left off. Also, I've actually seen/read a lot of spoilers for these, as well as reading the webcomic, so I'll try to pretend like I'm seeing them for the first time, at least a bit. Okay, I think I found where I left off. It's pretty funny when Murata switches from the serious to the chibi/ONE type art style. It's weird reading chapters that aren't even past the second season (which I've already watched). And Sneck gets fodderized, as is typical. The quality of these scans isn't very good, but I can still appreciate Murata's art. Drive Knight is also looking badass. Pig God is also the Kool-Aid Man, confirmed. Bone gets power from drinking milk, like Mr. T. Except he's not nearly as powerful. Taking out the octopus' eyes didn't seem to work. And Tatsumaki has to finish it off. Haragiri's monster design is cool. I have seen attempted calcs for this Atomic Slash feat, but I'm not sure about them. Either way, it's cool. Choze wants to kill, but do you get disqualified if you do that in this tournament? This is one of the many fights that were better in the manga than the rushed anime. I find it kind of odd that Tatsumaki could only lift Saitama a few feet off the ground in the webcomic (for some odd reason), but Suiryu can kick him so much higher. And I think that was the last cool thing we've gotten to see Tanktop Master do. It seems that Suiryu's speech about heroes is one of the few things that can actually get through Saitama's apathy and really upset him. Figures this would happen, as it's the only way Saitama could lose, via disqualification. Suiryu says he lost for the first time ever, does that mean that master he was talking about who trained him also never beat him? Because that doesn't make much sense. Wait, this is the version of the chapter with Gouketsu's original face, I've seen the newer version and it's different. Maybe I should switch to another site to read this... Choze is definitely a Nazi analogue. I wonder if anyone calced that cloud parting feat? Seeing Sneck actually accomplish something and be heroic is a nice change of pace. A bonus chapter about disaster levels, informative. If they don't know who defeated it, won't they just give the credit to King like always? Suiryu should have just played dead and hoped Bakuzan left. I get Suiryu underestimating Saitama's chances against Gouketsu, but Genos should know better. It was always a disappointment that the Gouketsu fight happened off-panel, but at least we did get one panel of it. And of course Prisoner keeps a phone in his ass. King's attempt at an inspirational speech to Saitama was like Saitama's attempt at one to Genos. I have a theory that maybe Watchdog Man's powers only work in Q-City, and if he leaves it he becomes powerless. Creepy pic of Sonic. Of course if he becomes a monster he still won't beat Saitama, but Saitama won't spare his life either. Since Armored Gorilla was created with cybernetics and genetic engineering, does that mean he doesn't have the immorality and bloodlust that most monsters have? I don't get the point of Gyoro-Gyoro trying the peaceful coexistence ruse when all of their actions up until then have been murderous and violent. These kids hide out in a shack in the woods to look at porno mags? Did they just forget that the internet exists or something? With how wounded Garou is, this is one of the best endurance/stamina feats I've seen. Or at least one that personally impressed me a lot. There's the Abandonment technique. I remember in the anime they changed the color of the Death Shower technique to make it look less like a real gun... Now a bonus chapter about Glasses. If that one technique Bang and Bomb used is weaker than the Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist, why not try the latter instead? Loving the art here. Now we finally get to the part where Season 2 of the anime ended. Saitama and King are playing Pokemon now. I think Gyoro-Gyoro misunderstands Garou's true character. Yeah, I don't see submitting to the monsters working. Now it seems to be hinting that Glasses is the next one who will break his limiter. I believe Garou still isn't fully healed at this point. That's why Royal Ripper and Bug God are giving him so much trouble. That dog head monster is just insanely goofy looking. Was that some foreshadowing of God? I believe the theory that G5 is Drive Knight has some basis. Garou just one-shotted Royal Ripper, which was awesome. And he's now using Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist too. I'd say he's definitely level Dragon at this point. That's a pretty dangerous guard dog - I wonder if anyone calced any of those blasts. Now we get the explanation of the zenkai boost like training method. And I believe this is our first glimpse of Psykos in her true form. Now it's Garou vs. Orochi, which I had been waiting for. I can definitely see how his design was inspired by Biollante. How do they make satellites with thermal sensors that only detect monsters? Genos' new arms look cool. Now the invasion begins, the art is gorgeous. Even the lower rank heroes are doing really well. Atomic Samurai is a douche but he can at least back up his boasting to a point. I'm pretty sure the chapter cover calling Flashy Flash FTL is hyperbole. That was still an impressive fight, though. So many monsters thinking they're the strongest, yet they're all weaklings in the big scheme of things. Too bad Child Emperor has to use up all of his best weapons now so he won't have them for later. That melting feat could be calced, probably. Short chapter, compared to many of them around this point. So he brought the Subterraneans back to life, as this was originally their home. Now that's a pretty epic finisher. Redrawn version of the chapter? Sure. Yeah, that was better. Seems even the other monsters hate Pureblood so much they would like to see Zombieman kill him. He bent those metal bars with his bare hands, showing that he does have superhuman strength. Nice bullet cutting feats by Iaian (or however you spell his name). Was that his attempt at an Atomic Slash? Even if I hadn't read the spoilers, I'd know Amai Mask was going to kill all of them. I think Prisoner is clearly stronger than Tanktop Master now. I like four-armed Bug God's design. It's also interesting to see an esper vs. esper fight, which is something I don't think has been done before in the manga. Now this art of Orochi is awesome. Honestly it's a shame to see him go out like that, but there's still the possibility he might return somehow. And King's luck saves him again. Animated cover page? Never seen that before (although there was that animated page in the webcomic). And here's Atomic Samurai vs. the evil Teletubby. I guess he can be killed if he is reduced to dust quickly enough before he can split his body. Now it's our first glimpse of what will probably end up being the final villain of the series. Now we're getting to the part where the Executives start overwhelming the heroes. Looks like Garou got another zenkai. That's a cool side note about the inspiration for the architecture. I like how they draw Nyan here, makes him look very menacing. Gearsper is actually doing something with his powers? So does the mask restrain his powers instead of enhance them? Now maybe we'll finally see what Drive Knight can do... and if he was G5 after all. These chapters were pretty awesome, I give them an 8.4/10. It would have been perhaps even a point higher if the chapter numbering and navigation wasn't so annoying.

Gunnm Mars Chronicle: This scientist guy creeps me out. I wonder if Erica is going to use this poison on Muster. She used it on the scientist first... he should have expected that, with being asked to show her exactly how it works. Wonder where those piles of bodies are from. Using corpses for building materials? That's kind of gruesome. Practical, though. Now we're back to treasure hunting. It's a shame the story summary paragraph in this chapter wasn't translated, as I could use it after so long of a break. Haboob? Sure it means dust storm, but it's a funny word. Can weather like this actually exist on Mars, or is it because terraforming has altered it somewhat, even though this is supposed to be the unmodified surface? I figured the code involved latitude and longitude coordinates. Isn't this just a copy of a previous chapter? Back to Yoko now... Uh, you know that's not actually how Kafka's Metamorphosis ends, right? So now they found the real treasure location. This is like Indiana Jones in space. So he just shoots the guy who helped him. I like when they use and explain real-world scientific and mathematical concepts in manga like this. So this guy wants to take the treasure and leave everyone else to die. There's always someone like that in these situations. LMAO@ that face. Yeah, I figured something like that would happen to him. Is everyone in this universe a bloodthirsty backstabber? And every buried treasure has a deadly trap. A nasty cancer trap, at that. And everyone here also seems to be a torture fanatic. If you ask me, the author is trying too hard to be grimdark, with everyone being pointlessly cruel to each other for no logical reason. The art is good, though. And here we go with the betrayal again. Okay, so we got Muster's backstory, but is it really all that important? Odd philosophy... Wait, Yoko was born from Kagura's mask tumor? I thought they tried to create bodies for those faces and failed? I wouldn't trust Erica if I were them... Seems they're escaping but an assassin is after them. That's... an amusing weapon. This guy seems to have a lot of prep against this assassin. He's still alive and fighting back, though. Oh, that explains the Elton John reference in the chapter title. Looks like he finally beat him, but then he gets gunned down by an airship. Yeah, I thought so - shouldn't have trusted Erica. Shouldn't Kagura be dead by now, if the disease is that advanced in her? So was Yoko born from one of Muster's tumors then? Or who? I never saw the BAA movie which is being advertised here - heard it was good though. So Yoko was born from a tumor on Muster's sister. But what was the treasure, if it wasn't a cure? I guess that makes Yoko technically a clone of that woman. Also, you know you're fucked up when Erica calls you cruel. Now the giant robot is going berserk. Well, that was interesting. Now a timeskip to see what happens to the girls next. Seems like Erica's still up to her old tricks. I'm guessing she's going to end up killing this fat lady too. This next one is the final chapter? Does that mean of this arc or of the entire manga? Well, looks like more detective work next. These chapters were pretty good, I give them 7.7/10.

Dragonball Super: A disclaimer first, I've watched the entire anime (including the Broly movie, you can find my review of it on my blog too), and I've read some of the manga, and seen lots of spoilers for it (similar to OPM) but I haven't actually sat down and read through it past chapter 2, so I'll also be pretending that I am seeing this stuff for the first time, to some extent. So they're skipping right to the fight here instead of going with all of the party hijinks first, I guess this manga is more concise story-wise. Whoever is translating this is really going overboard with the swears. At least they didn't overdo Vegeta's reaction to Beerus hitting Bulma like they did in the anime. Champa can tell that the Kaioshins are spying on him? I mean I would accept that Vados could because the angels are DeM incarnate, but why Champa? I remember someone tried to calc this feat of them reaching the Kaioshin planet, but it looks unquantifiable to me as we have no idea how distant their starting location was, just being somewhere in space (and also making the trip cross-dimensional). Okay, that is some freaky-looking Beerus fanart right there. Yeah, they're definitely rushing this, they went through an entire episode or so in 1 page. They're rushing the fight too, although the part about the Kaioshins collecting the Namekian Dragonballs wasn't in the anime. It's interesting though that, instead of creating those strange shockwaves, in this case the fight is physically shaking the Kaioshin planet (and presumably many others). Still not following the inverse-square law, but a calc could actually be done by just multiplying the seismic energy of shaking all of the planets in the universe. Judging by the art, that's way above the stratosphere, but whatever. Yeah, this was way too short of a fight compared to the anime or even the movie. I'm also guessing that's a mistranslation when Beerus says he's the sixth universe's god of destruction. I see they tied the Dragonball search into Kibitoshin defusing though, that was clever. Wait, how did one of Freeza's ships get to another universe (the 6th, I presume?) I thought you needed a special technique or vehicle to do that. Did Goku just use a Kawarimi no Jutsu? Ah, the horribly unwieldy name before they changed it to 'Super Saiyan Blue'. Even the writer acknowledges it. Oh what, we're completely skipping over the Resurrection F saga? Well, considering how rushed the Battle of Gods arc was, I suppose that's for the best. I remember that someone once asked me to calc the speed of this Beerus vs. Champa fight, but I couldn't find an accurate method to get a timeframe. I see a picture of Jaco and Beerus in the background, I guess that's the one they took in Resurrection F. Zuno's planet looks different in the manga. Whis mentions his 'home planet', is that the planet where all of the Angels come from? I'd like to learn more about that. I guess instead of transferring damage to another dimension like in the anime, Botamo is just super stretchy and absorbent here. The Goku vs. Frost fight is lasting longer than the Goku vs. Beerus fight did. The narration refers to Frost as 'the Emperor of the 6th universe' but does he really hold an equivalent title to Freeza there? I thought he was just like a space pirate or something. I guess they're skipping the whole part with him putting on the good guy act and then explaining that he faked his good deeds. And surprisingly, Frost lasted longer against Vegeta than he did in the anime. I wonder if they'll ever actually follow up on the suggestion of there being Metal Men in the 7th universe. So even in SSJ1, Vegeta can't lift close to 1000 tons... that's actually way below the physical strength I estimated for even Freeza Saga characters back in the old days of the OBD. Vegeta completely failed to overpower Magetta here, making the latter come off a lot more formidable than he was in the anime. Now here's the part where it's made clear that the Galactic King is dumbing down the explanation of timeskip to explain it to Goku, by saying it's stopping time, yet so many OBDers kept insisting it was literally stopping time - because I guess they're no smarter than Goku and can't go past the dumbed-down explanation. And then even Goku figures out that he is jumping forward in time rather than stopping time, as his prediction strategy would be useless if it was the latter. So the OBDers who kept insisting Hit could stop time are literally dumber than Goku. (Okay, I'll stop harping on this now... it's just funny). I just realized I haven't commented on the art yet. It's pretty good, but nothing to write home about. I also see Toyotaro is giving a more reasonable explanation for Goku moving in the timeskip than the non-explanation we got in the anime. Yeah, this is quite different from the anime, where he couldn't power up like this, but he could extend his timeskip. Although, TBH, I enjoyed the fight in the anime more. It's also implied that Goku could have won here, whereas in the anime he would have inevitably lost. And now they're calling Zeno 'The King of All Cosmos' - Katamari Damacy reference? And Beerus now says that Zeno has the power to instantly erase a universe... implying that such power is way beyond him or the other Hakaishin. They could only hollow out the universe gradually. Now we're immediately starting the Future Trunks arc. Trunks says "they" - are Black and Zamasu both here already? How does the teacher know that time travel works that way without any practical evidence? I doubt the events of the Cell Saga are public knowledge. Has Black not seen Trunks use SSJ2 before? And he has to use IT to dodge a rock? Now it's stated that present and future Trunks have the same hair color, even though they made it different in the anime for some reason. Trunks says he wouldn't be able to touch Black no matter how hard he trained, but he got some hits in on him in the last chapter... Goku's still blocking the sword with his finger despite the fact that in SSJ2, Trunks is stronger? The future Dabura fight is longer here, which I like. Is Black implying that he can willingly travel between timelines and was looking for a specific one? Is that a view of Universe 10 from outside, based on the Daizenshuu map? Zamasu vs. Kibito now? I like the way Zamasu's introduction was done better in the anime. I notice these chapters are getting longer. Mario Kart now? Now it says Daishinkan is 'completely unparalleled in power across all universes' - I assume they're not counting Zeno. It seems Goku and Zamasu's fight isn't going to happen in the manga, and also they're revealing the twist way too soon with the exchanging bodies thing, it was done much better in the anime where Goku Black's nature was kept a mystery for many episodes. I see they're also skipping the Goku vs. Black fight in the main timeline, but that doesn't really matter that much. Black here also has the normal SSJ form. What's this about a 'northern universe'? I've never heard that term before. They also seem to be limiting the possibilities in the other timelines by having Future Zamasu say he investigated them and found nothing threatening, which kind of cuts off later plot possibilities. They're also completely dropping the part about Beerus saying that if a god kills someone it will alter the timeline rather than creating a new one. This version is doing a better job of explaining Black's power growth than the anime IMO. Apparently this version of future Zamasu is a lot weaker than his anime counterpart. He also got impaled by a streetlight pole. But he does have the ability to teleport the senzu beans out of Goku's pocket somehow... Here's something new, apparently they can only make one more trip to Trunks' timeline. Much different than the multiple trips they made in the anime. That was an interesting attack - reminds me of Hisoka's bungee gum from HxH. Now the two have killed off all of the remaining humans... they survived a lot longer in the anime. I like the more liberal use of the original SSJG form in the manga. Clever strategy by Vegeta, but if he only switched to Blue when he directly attacks, wouldn't his speed when he's trying to close the distance be slower and easily avoidable? Interesting how it's implied that Future Zamasu's paralysis can stop characters much stronger than him. Now a narrative hyperbole for Merged Zamasu... and a pretty obvious one too. Of course with the manga's version of Future Zamasu being so much weaker than the anime's version, this fusion should be weaker as well. Force Choke time now. Kind of odd but also interesting that Toyotaro has him using the Katchin blocks as an attack. The Vegeto vs. Zamasu fight was also a lot more competitive in the anime. Here's the scene where Kaioshin says Vegeto is stronger than Beerus, although I'm not sure how accurate that is. And I don't get why they have Zamasu now doing the portal punch thing, but it's always fun to see. Kind of a DeM that Trunks now has these healing powers, but it's better than the anime where he instantly mastered Mafuba, got a new form out of nowhere, and had a ridiculous Genki Dama sword attack. Goku shouldn't have told Zamasu how he got healed... The mastered SSJB is another idea that would have made the anime version better. When I heard about Goku using Hakai in the manga, I thought it didn't make sense, but now reading it in context it makes even less sense, because in this version Goku wasn't even there when Beerus used it on Zamasu, so he never even saw it before, or called it a dangerous technique, like he claims, unless I missed an entire chapter or something... He also had to focus all of his SSJB power into his arm to use it for some reason. Trunks slicing Zamasu makes a lot more sense here than in the anime. So instead of the fusion weakening his immortality, it gave it to Black too and made him into another Merged Zamasu. Gamma Burst Flash? That's a new one. I think the anime version of Infinite Zamasu was more intimidating. This one does have a time machine, though. This is a lot similar to the events of the Return of Cooler movie. So healing Goku fully nearly depleted Trunks' stamina, but Kibito can do it casually and then move on to heal Vegeta too? It doesn't really make sense that they can go to where the future Zeno is in this version, if the time ring and thus the timeline was destroyed. Now Beerus says that his Hakai couldn't have killed an immortal, so I guess Zamasu just didn't know that and took Mai as insurance anyway. I still find the Mai/Trunks shipping kind of creepy. Something strange happens to Pilaf in the future? Well it's a very different future, so it might not happen here. So the scene with Goku getting hurt by a bullet was in the manga too? That means it was part of Toriyama's original outline... It's been a few years since the BoG saga? That seems odd. The Vegeta vs. Beerus fight is a nice touch that wasn't in the anime. Sorry Vegeta, that's yet another thing that Goku is going to master before you. And the manga even states that Goku is a horrible father. Wow. Here the Zenos are playing some strange version of chess rather than the marble game they were playing in the anime. It's interesting here that Daishinkan refers to the universe with the highest mortal level as "the mightiest", as it was emphasized in the anime that it didn't have all that much to do with power. This Hakaishin battle is better than the exhibition match we had in the anime IMO. Beerus gets to show off a lot which is cool, also him using Ultra Instinct. Liquir's tail cannon just looks silly, though. Too bad we didn't get to see who would win between Beerus and Quitela. I like how Toppo beat Goku this time. This crab is a different monster from the one in the anime. What's with that weird shrinking device Jiren has? And interstellar flight under one's own power seems to be something outside of the norm for even Toppo and Dyspo. Jiren seems like a nicer guy in this continuity than the anime. Weird, a copy chapter, guess I have to find the real one on another site. Cell? A more accurate recreation than the filler scene where they re-enacted Mr. Satan beating him. Fake News? Did the translator add that or was that term used in the original? I thought 17 and 18 were originally delinquent criminals and reformed later, now they're saying they were good from the beginning and Dr. Gero made them evil? 'The evil Majin Buu was the most powerful enemy you ever faced'... except Beerus, Golden Freeza, Goku Black, Zamasu, etc. It's silly how Goku thought that guy was 17 but I like how it serves as a misunderstanding that causes their fight. I couldn't really tell what happened in that one panel, I had to read it twice to realize he headbutted him. Does this version of Kale have super pickpocketing powers or something? Goku wasn't using his full strength when fighting Toppo? I guess because he wasn't using the mastered SSJB form. They skipped the Freeza vs. the assassins fight, which is a shame. 'The one with the spiked black hair is Vegeta'... not a very useful description. Nice group shot of the team. They're really rushing the tournament, a lot of characters who got to show off their moves and gimmicks in the anime are just getting knocked out super quickly here. It's weird how I actually remember the names of like 90% of these fighters. We learn that Dr. Rota had magic, but we still don't know what kind (other than 'something that would prevent him from falling off the arena'). 'Chi Kung Pao'? That's a weird translation. The Trio de Dangers were also a lot more formidable in the anime. Dyspo stealing Sonic's catchphrase... Hit and Goku working together against Jiren is something we didn't get in the anime, and I like it. So earlier in the manga, Hit couldn't even approach SSJG power without seriously exerting himself, but now he's stronger than mastered SSJB Goku? The Time Lag technique and how Jiren overcame it makes a lot more sense than the Time Cage in the anime. It's pretty silly to complain about dignity and honor when your entire universe is on the line. The thing about Ribrianne having different standards of beauty doesn't really make sense, because I'm assuming that she considers her two sidekicks and her Hakaishin to be beautiful, and they're pretty conventionally attractive, same as 18 is. So far Krillin and Piccolo are the only team members who were eliminated the same way in the anime and the manga. IMO the art here is getting kind of lazy. Freeza knows what Legos are? TBH I'm rooting for Freeza against Caulifla here. Why is Dercori fighting HtH and not using her magic? Anilaza getting one-shotted was lame. I do like how they are going more in-depth on the secret to Kale's power, though. In general the manga has been better about powerscaling than the anime was, but the idea that Gohan = Kefla > 7 Pride Troopers > Kale > SSJB Goku and Golden Freeza is just silly. So is Goku finally using Kaio-ken or is it just being compared to it? This is the Ultra Instinct Roshi part that I heard about, and a lot of people complained about, and I can see why. I also see they're suggesting here that Ultra Instinct doesn't have anything to do with actually boosting your power. I guess Vegeta gets his powerup in the manga too, but Toppo doesn't get to use Hakaishin powers. So Dyspo and Toppo aren't even strong enough to jump that short distance after being exhausted from fighting? Freeza just namedropped a song from the anime... was that intentional? Weird how 18 doesn't care about 17 killing himself, unless she knows what really happened. This fight is really rushed, I liked the longer one in the anime. So instead of attacking the audience on purpose, one of Jiren's blasts meant for Goku just hit the stands? That doesn't have quite the impact. It's nice how they go more in-depth on Jiren's wish and motivation here, though. Goku and Vegeta's teamwork is also well-done. I heard the thing about Jiren's master being killed by a demon meaning he couldn't be revived by the normal Dragonballs, but apparently he can't be revived by angels either. I liked the way the fight concluded better in the anime. So 18 did know he was faking in this version. So 17's wish alone increased Universe 7's mortal ranking so much? Interesting how Whis takes Freeza home here. Is this statement that 17 is around the same strength as SSJB Goku and Vegeta? So they just skip over the Broly movie like they did with Resurrection F. I'm fine with that. Herculopolis? And Vegeta says he needs 5 seconds to fly there. Here's where Goku and Vegeta get taken out by a stun gun. Lots of low-end stuff here. I still want to see how they reconcile the Daikaioshin existing with each universe only having 1 Kaioshin nowadays. That looks a bit small to be an 'actual comet', but whatever. Why didn't they just have Beerus execute him? Is this material the same thing that was used to power Jaco's spaceship? Speaking of Jaco, lifting those carts is a decent strength feat for him. Interesting how Goku needs a direction pointed out to him to start searching for Moro's ki. Star Wars moment there. I like this new arc, it has an interesting premise, even if it does rely on revealing another new villain who's been around forever but we've never heard of before. The only issue is that I thought New Namek was so far away Goku couldn't even easily IT to it, so it should be way out of range of Freeza's spaceships. I'm guessing Toyotaro is a fan of Star Wars, because he often has characters using telekinesis similar to how it's used there. So the energy of the planet is that powerful compared to SSJG Vegeta? 'Shouldn't we just attack while he's charging up' - yeah, you're a few decades and series late to be asking that question. If the two of them had charged him with full power right off the bat they probably would have won, but of course that would be massively OOC. So Goku didn't have enough ki left to use IT but Moro was still amazed by how much ki he drained from him afterward? And he makes the typical villain mistake of letting them live. He's also taking his time going after the Dragonballs. I'm pretty sure they're going to have to tone down the violence in that scene if they ever make an anime version of this. I guess Buu with Daikaioshin's memories is immune to Moro's powers. He also seems to have a power boost from it. He's also fighting more creatively. Now they're doing the upper atmosphere/outer space distinction clearly. At least it's nice to know where the manga stands on this. If Moro's energy absorption doesn't work on Buu/Daikaioshin, shouldn't that also mean he shouldn't be able to eat his ki blasts? I guess Kid Buu just didn't know how to use that power when he fought. Does that mean Uub has it now? It kind of bugs me that they're treating the physics here as if this tiny asteroid had the same gravity as Earth, but I know that's a minor nitpick. I don't see why Moro can't just drain Goku and Vegeta's ki again. He wished to free all the prisoners. Is that a Metal Man there? If this guy can use TK, why couldn't he use it inside his cell? So Merus and Jaco can hold off an army of SSJ3 level guys... more bad powerscaling. Does Vegeta want to learn IT or something? Now Puipui's planet is next on the chopping block. Of course with so few planets left Moro is going to run out of food soon. Their ship is so fast it can reach planets Goku can't sense? Do we get to find out Merus' secret now? Ultra Instinct will prevent Moro from absorbing his ki? I don't see the reasoning behind that, but if it works, whatever. I thought the Ginyus were heading to Yardrat next after Namek but never actually got there. I guess Moro didn't power up these criminals Piccolo is fighting all that much, or his powerup wore off. I wonder if he can absorb 17 and 18's power. Another ROSAT? Interesting. Overall I think I liked the anime better, but these chapters had lots of good stuff, so I give them 7.9/10.