Well, recently, many have noted that McCain is doing something unheard of for republicans. He's heading into blue states and blue areas, hoping to win over others.

Recently, infact, just this weekend, he came to my state.

My state isn't a blue one, but many parts of it are indeed democrat. So seeing him to go to the more democratic parts is suprising.

Will his strategy of winning some of the democratic base work? Maybe.
While he certainly won't be turning blue to red, he'll probably soften the impact of those blue states or blue areas. And he could very well cut into the democrats base.

Of course, he won't win those hardcore lefties. but unless you have an D before or after your name, that ain't happening.

Can this strategy back fire? Yea. But for now, this is probably the best he can do. The conservative base will obviously vote for him, largely because of their hatred for the democrat choices than because McCain is the best conservative choice.

In the end though, we will just have to wait and see the effects of this new strategy.