I am the solider baby, who works just like a slave, sweating through the pain of digging his foxhole that he knows is just a grave. You trust me don't you baby? Yeah, you'd hand your life for me. Well, lets walk along the wire and watch the muzzles flash like lightening. A smile safe-crackers undersand, is rendering their steady hand obsolete. You thought you'd caught my slight of hand, but you could never understand, no, not me.

Father was a charming man with much hidden up his sleeve, I wonder if this is what he planned when he taught his tricks to me? The youngest was a clever boy cracking calculus by three, the eldest was a practical and obsessively cleaned. Then there was me, I was born a charming man with silver tongue and pearl teeth, this was never how it was supposed to end, we were promised all we dreamed. The envy of everyman, our family seemed complete, our father was a charming man, our mother a Siren. But, now I'm on the run again, this hotel's home to me, after they found the eldest's skeleton floating face down in the stream. The youngest was still tucked away in bed, they thought he was a sleep, till they moved the mrror from his mouth, and the fog that should remain was not seen.

I am the doctor darlin', who used to operate, but I couldn't stand the pain of healing, only to watch another woman waste away. You trust me don't you baby? Yeah, you'd hand your life to me, so lets set this barn a fire and watch the flames eat up the roof beams. A smile safe-crackers understand, is rendering their steady hand obsolete. You thought I must have broken in, but, there's no crime in coming in when they hand me the key.

I'm floating on the wind again, on the tail of my quarry; a woman weak for charming men who's holding what I need. She'll leave her window cracked for me and I'll draft in like a breeze, my father was a charming man and I learned it all from he. The brothers born of Wondersmith, we started as a team, like complimenting cogs and gears we built a head of steam. But the tragic flaw of charming men is exactly as it seems: Too much grease can break down a machine.

Pour another round on me, you know I am good for it, you know my family.

I am the lover lady, who sees just what you dream, I know your going crazy, living with him and without me. You trust me don't you baby? Yeah, you'd hand your life to me? Lets leave this life tonight and race the sunrise down the highway. A smile safe cracker's understand is rendering their steady hand obsolete. The charm and confidence of men can jam the bullets in your gun and stop heartbeats.