I watched One Missed Call and Cloverfeild yesterday. I watched Sick Nurses today.
One Missed Call was awesome. And I like her ring tone. :iria
Cloverfield was great, though, probably not the best apocalypse movie. And it made me dizzy. :zaru
Sick Nurses was good. The ending was awesome.
LOLYAOI. :awesome

Tuesday I watched a crazy sheep movie and a murder movie. :argh The day before that I watched another zombie movie with Nick Canon. It was actually really good. =/

And now I'm gonna watch some more! *facepalm*

Edit: I started watching Inuyasha yesterday. After making fun of it for so long, now I'm hooked on it after watching just one episode. *sag*
I despise Kagome for some reason I don't understand. Probably because the first episode I watched was the Kikyo episode. =/