The recent debate on youtube. To the right of the video should be others parts of the debate.

Now, on the debate. Hillary actually came out impressive. I never though Obama would lose but he did.
She, Hillary, in a surprising twist, Admitted she lied about Bosnia. It may have been in a round about way, but she did it. I know. shocking.

Obama, was pretty much trying to duck and weave Gibson when the issue of capital gains taxes came up. I posted the transcript earlier. He first moved away from it to talk about hedge funds, until Gibson pushed that history has shown that reductions in the rate bring in more revenue.
At this point, Obama was forced to say that he was going to raise it to bring about "fairness"
Which is stupid, since if he actually wanted fairness, he wouldn't be repealing the Bush Tax cuts for everyone but the rich. considering the rich pay more taxes than any other group.

On gun rights, Hilary tried dodging, but in the end, fell on it being a state right. Saying that what worked for NY may not work for Montana. Obama said that he was for rights, but along with it restrictions... However, those restrictions are why people are so weary of him in the first place.

*sigh* I'm done on my rant though, I'll let you watch the youtube and gather your own opinion on the matter. MOVING ON! A couple of reading assignments:
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