So my first true blog like ever and I've been here since September 07 right. :nuts

So what do I right about ... Well for starters let me make this straight here, I am Muslim and Indian not native american but Full Blooded Indian ... i am a very easy going person and i am willing to talk about ... honestly anything ... be it politics, religion, music and anything ... never take me as a serious person cuz I'm just carefree as hell ... I swear often but don't
undermine my intelligence because of it or the way i use my vocabulary if I start using shorthand or just plain slang ...

Let me talk about music real quick
I'm a fan of all music ... It will never be a genre of music which makes me dislike but just the music itself

I mostly listen to Hip-Hop, Soca, R&B, Dancehall and really anything that you can move to.
I'm wiling to try anything so if you feel the need to suggest me some music, I would be glad to try it out :amuse

Hmmmm what else do I add ... My dreams my hopes?, my plans for the future?, my strengths, my weakness, whats most important ? .... well I'll add it if you really want to know

My dream is to be successful in life, my hope is for my children, when i have them, to be great in everything they do and try their hardest.

My hopes are that wars eventually end and useless violence ends. I feel as long as humans exist it really will never end. My hope is that I am never called to the army regardless of the nation. My hope is that I can do something about it and teach the ones around me the same thing.

My plans for the future is to become a psychiatrist and work at an asylum for criminals . Though it may seem strange but I really want to get inside the mind of someone like that and understand what happens during a crime of that magnitude.

My strengths ... Well i consider my undying loyalty to someone important a strength. I will also add my tolerance to everyone a strength, i have and never will insult someone because of something about them... I am not a bully... Where i go to school and live there are "cliques" right ... and everyone but me happens to be a part of one really ... And lastly my friendly feeling I give off to people is my strongest trait. I have made my closest friends and many friends through nothing but simple talking ...

My weakness huh ... Well my pride is my true weakness ... If I think I am right about something I will never turn my back on it so I am also incredibly stubborn :p ... My only other weakness is that when I was younger I was really shy and have not grown out of it even though everyone (and i mean literally everyone in school and out of school) thinks I'm you know a "popular" kid and they get nervous around me

Whats most important to me are my friends, family, and future ... they are what keeps me going through my life through any bad times and all the good times ...

Well thats it outta me ... I will post another blog when it is necessary to ... if you wish to read it then it would be my pleasure to write it :wink