Well, i finally decided to make myself a proper Naruto fan and join a forum. Yup, I sure did come a whole long way from the country lad from oz, to the most hardcore Naruto fan I know personally! And before i go any further, its my little brothers fault. About 11 months ago, he was watching early episodes from the first few chapters. At first, I knocked them back, deeming them 'Way Nerdy'. Before the end of the night, I had watched 50 episodes, and was begging for more. So, ever since, he has been downloading for me, every anime (And Hentai, but we'll touch on that another time) under the sun and i haven't looked back since. Apart from my little bro, there is only one guy who knows my secret little obsession, and thats my best mate. I wouldnt dare tell anybody else, for fear of them calling me a NERD! Anyway, till my next blog, stay Narutarded!smile-big