So, no one is online, as far as MSN is concerned, except for j and Vash, and I don't really feel like talking to either of them. And I bet j is really asleep. And I don't want to double post in my own FC, again, so I've decided to post to my blog.

I guess we should start about three months ago.

I got back from Basic ready to go to OCS, which would have been a good career move for me, I think, but it didn't really work out that way. Put that on hold.

I was looking for work in Northwest Arkansas, which I think is a dandy place to live, for anyone who knows of the Fayetteville, AR area. Unfortunately, my awesome degree in Engineering-Physics wasn't awesome enough to book me a steady gig somewhere, so I ended up delivering pizzas for Jim's Razorback Pizza (which makes sense because it's out of Fayetteville, AR, home of the hogs, Arkansas's closest thing to a pro-sports team).

In the meantime, I was sorta doing this on-again/off-again thing with this girl, Ashley, who is pretty awesome. That didn't really work out either because she was attracted to me due to the confidence I had coming back from Basic, and that was shot to hell when we actually dated, which I sorta suck at, and I couldn't stop apologizing for not knowing what I was doing, though conversation was awesome otherwise.

And if anyone really knows me all that much, you'd know my roommates are total party animals. We've thrown about a dozen separate parties in the last three months, so that equates to one a week, really.

That sorta sets the stage for the here and now. We threw a party last night. As in about 29 1/2 hours ago. And there are people STILL here.

On my couch is a 17 year old girl. She's an underwear model. And she's passed out, drunk. And her tits are FALLING out of her shirt.

And two guys are on my porch smoking pot.

Man, those are some nice titties.

Got a call from my father today. My cousin wants me to live with her. Her roommate works for a studio in Shreveport. He's a driver, or something. She had supper last night with that chick from Juno, and last week Jack Black was drinking beer on her porch watching the LSU game. And I'm going to be living with her.

And she got me a job at the studio where her roommate works. I'll be working around famous people! And I could maybe, somehow, be famous! Oh boy!

There's more, but... I'm too exited to be coherent.