There is nothing so nice as having three dogs to come home to during Spring break. Saturday night I was greeted at the door by a symphony of waggling tails and sheer, ecstatic dogginess. They haven't forgotten me.

Let me introduce you to what I have come to call, "The Cold Cut Trio."

First we have the Alpha dog, aka Charles Dickens/Charlie/The Fat One. Not too mobile due to his weight, Charlie has developed the role of the creepy old man on the corner who always yells at you if you go anywhere near his lawn. He also runs the show, reining in the Labrador if the Labrador gets too uppity. I've seen him knock the Labrador over, even though he's outweighed by 15 pounds

Next we have the Labrador, aka Ninja. We picked this guy up in a parking lot of a bookstore and he turned out to be near the smallest Labrador ever. Weighing a mere sixty pounds, Ninja is pansy Last time he got into a scrap with a raccoon, he went to the vet.

Finally there is William Shakespeare/William/Death-on-four-paws. He is horrendously good at killing things, and his kill count stands as of now at 26 Pocket Gophers, 3 Raccoons, two Possums, several rabbits, and a singularly unfortunate cat.

While Charlie will often help him corner prey, William is always the one who delivers the killing blow--by biting his prey's throat or breaking it's neck. I once watched them take down a Raccoon like this. Charlie pinned the Raccoon, and William snapped the unlucky Raccoon's neck. Sometimes I think I have a miniature wolf pack in my backyard.

Our neighbor used to have problems with Raccoons raiding his koi pond at night--until the Corgis systemically murdered every Raccoon that crossed through our backyard.