Because I don't have a 5th, here they are with commentary.

4. The Cure: Love them! They have so many great songs and Disintegration was their best album.

3. Kraftwerk: Even though I only discovered them in June, my friend brainwashed me into a Werkaholic. These guys from Germany pretty much invented techno and inspired many pop, electronic and hip-hop artists.

2. Joy Division: A goth/post-punk band from U.K., they were so great too, but unfortunately the lead singer Ian Curtis commited suicide. RIP

1. New Order: My #1 favorite band of all time! After the tragic death of Curtis, the remaining band members plus Gillian Gilbert reformed into New Order which was more of a rock/electronic band. Also very influential and one of those bands where you can listen to a song 5 times and never get sick of it.