I enjoyed Mania. It wouldn't crack my top 5, but fuck it, I was entertained.

JBL/Finlay seemed like it was just getting going and then it just ended. Finish was pretty nice and I almost fell out of my seat laughing when JBL threw the trash can at Hornswaggle.

Never have been a fan of the MITB match nor do I care much about Punk, so I'm indifferent to it and to him winning. Morrison made my mouth drop with that moonsault with the ladder, though. And then Shelton decided he wanted to basically commit suicide on live TV which made me question his sanity(or lack thereof). Matt coming back surprised me and kinda angered me because I wanted MVP to win, but oh well...

Batista/Umaga was a whole lotta nothin'. One of the TVs over where me and my friends were sitting at was switched over to the baseball game so I paid more attnetion to it than this match.

Chavo/Kane was funny crap, which is about all that can really be said about it.

HBK/Flair was draining as hell. Knew what was going to happen, but I got sucked into think... no, more like WANTING, Flair to punt HBK in the nuts again and win. My eyes welled up with tears when Flair got up and rolled out of the ring to hug his family and if he had came back out for a curtain call or said something afterwards, I probably would have bawled like a little girl who got her doll taken away from her.

I called the WWE Title 3-Way once I saw it was happening in the middle of the show, though it started getting really obvious when everyone and their mother started treating Randy like an after-thought weeks before. Cena's entrance was interesting, to say the least. Match itself was decent, but I could barely concentrate because some HHH fan sitting behind me felt the need to do his own running commentary on the damn match in a really loud, obnoxious voice while his mom/grandmother blurted out random stuff. Meargh...

BunnyMania was what it was. Santino is still GOD, though.

I loved Show/Mayweather. Floyd is such a great natural heel and I loved the build-up to the wrist-stomping spot along with Show dusting off that face spot of his where he tries to get the crowd quiet for when he slaps someone in the chest.

It took me a while to get into Edge/Taker, but had more to do with me being up at Hooters for like 7 and a half hours at that point(lost a coinflip so I had to go early to save the table for everybody). Loved Edge countering all of Taker's usual tricks, though. Taker's gomaplata(forget exactly how to spell the name of that damn move) is still kinda goofy, but he hooked it in a lot smoother than he has in the past. I really need to watch this and the 3-way again as I was either distracted or really, really tired while watching both.