It's been two long weeks since we've seen anything new from the Japanese Naruto: Shippuuden anime series, so it is a great relief to be able to announce that the 55th episode has been released! Yes, completely translated in to English from the original broadcast which aired on TV Tokyo just a few short hours ago, by Dattebayo, this episode is available to absolutely anybody who wants it! All you have to do for the pleasure of viewing is click on over to Dattebayo's Webpage to download the torrent file, to then open up in to your favorite BitTorrent program to begin the download of the actual video file. Or, if you should happen to prefer things quick and easy, this episode is up for a direct HTTP download on over 30 servers for the exclusive use of our super awesome animePLUS! Members (who get access to this, and hundreds of other series) on our Naruto: Shippuuden Anime Downloads page! Also, if you are looking for something else to watch on the days when there simply is no Naruto, it's the perfect time of the season! A ton of new anime have come out, and will continue to come out for the next little while, and so far we have posted nearly 30 of the new series up for our animePLUS! Members to enjoy.