Alright, one more. lol.

Poll day is a fun thing for seniors. Best car, best all around person, most likely to save the world, biggest procrastinator, etc... The entire grade votes in these categories. One male and one female win each.

Out of the entire grade, I won the Nicest Smile award. Hooray! It was probably because my braces were taken off. X'D Or because I always have a smile pasted on my face. Watch as I grin and giggle at the world.

Aside from that, I also won Most Unorganized, which is sad, but true. :lmao

Other things:
- Fandom issues. Debate thread? Maaaan. Is it me, or have the arguments been getting worse and worse? Talking to Crystal now... man, I miss talking to these people.
- Dave. Meet me in the arena. I challenge you to Brawl. And will possibly kick your ass like I did before. But then you kick mine too. :3