Rick Moran on Obama Apologists.
"Obama?s problem associations with Wright, Rezko, and Ayers have really got the creative juices flowing on the left as they twist themselves into rhetorical and intellectual pretzels trying to downplay or dismiss, their candidate?s monumentally poor judgement in hanging around with these folks for much of his adult life.

Some may read this apologia for Obama?s associations from Reed Hundt at TPM Cafe and shake their heads in wonderment at the cluelessness of the author. Others may marvel at the sheer brazenness of Hundt?s dismissive comments about Ayers and Wright, admiring the guts it took to reveal oneself as an idiot.

Still others may laugh at the appellation ?Swiftboating? as a descriptive for people who tell the truth about what Wright and Ayers have sermonized and accomplished in the past that makes them such problematic friends. Even the candidate has accepted as true what these hateful FOO?s (Friends of Obama) have said and done thus making the charge ?Swiftboating? Obama pretty silly ? as if the candidate would ?Swiftboat? himself."

Watch the video. It shows what's likely to happen to Obama if he loses the election, or wins and loses re-election.