Found the audio of his 'gaffe'

Just head to the bottom and press the play button.

Cafferty from CNN gave his input:

I disagree with Cafferty though. He's thinking and making the argument that people are indeed bitter.
No one, or atleast not I, am arguing that.
What many are actually arguing is that Obama assumes that because we are bitter, we cling to guns, anti-trade, religion and all. And thats just plain wrong. I want gun rights because thats my right, I want to hold and shoot a gun. I may want to hunt, or I may want to defend myself, but it's my right, something gov't should not restrict.
With Religion, I decided on my on, I didn't come toward it because I was bitter, who the hell are you to tell me that cling to religion because I'm bitter. I'm neither Anti-trade nor Anti-immigrant, but I am indeed Anti-illegal immigrant. I'd like to know who is coming into my house thank you.
It shows that he(Obama) thinks people will suddenly change their minds on these issues once he magically solves the economic problem(Which he won't,fiscally and economically, he's horrible) And it shows that he really hasn't changed much on these policies as well. He probably isn't anti-trade at all, but only acting like it to pander and gain votes, betraying the very people he gained the confidence off, which is a normal politician act and shows that he's just another politicians, not a new one.
He's probably not all to religious, which doesn't matter much to me, he's probably very anti-gun, but plays otherwise, and he's probably pro-illegal immigration, which I already knew. It really shows his character alot.

Engram posted a new entry looking at how these controversies hurt Obama.
He noted that both the Wright incident and this new one had affected him in the polls, especially compared to McCain, where McCain rose as Obama fell in polls.(Also noting that Hilary wasn't affected much by it) It kinda adds weight in the fact that people won't go for Hilary if Obama is somehow nominated.

Bob Barr, formet Republican, now Libertarian, had his say in the 'gaffe':

Obama's analysis is "way off base, it's awfully simplistic and very arrogant," said Barr, a board member of the National Rifle Association. "I don't think he understands people.... People get bitter, so that's why they support the Second Amendment? Or that's why they support the First Amendment? That's what he seems to be saying."

And in my opinion, I like reversing the situation and putting what was said of the democrat in a republican's mouth. As that would be interesting. Imagining someone like Huckabee saying:

"And it?s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to gay-rights as a way to explain their frustrations."

Yea, bet you the Cafe would be flooded with topics about that.