Obama's connection to ANOTHER shady person!

Well, All those who have been keeping up in the political news cycle should know about the various shady connections Obama has with people. First it was Tony Rezko, Then Wright, then Ayers & Dohrn. And now! One more joins the club. His name is Hatem El-Hady. You may be wondering... who's that? Well he's the former chairman of the Islamic charity Kindhearts. It was closed down by the U.S. Gov't back in 2006 for terrorist fundraising... yea, you heard right!

Holy crap Obama, you really have your skeletons. Hit the link for more info
I mean, El Hady has been connected with Hamas as recently as '06.

And now that the story broke in the blogsphere, not only was Obama's wife removed from his friend's list, his page has completely disappeared. but don't worry. The link above has screenshots!

Heh, Come on Obama, bring it!