Name: Mikoto
Age: 21
Gender: male
Looks: He wears all black ninja clothes a black metal arm protector on each arm, has spiked black hair black pants with tons of ninja equipment and black shoes, all-in-all he has 50 small scroll pockets on his black ninja jacket and two large scrolls strapped to his back, plus two swords crossed like an x sheathed on his back and one sword on either side of his hip area, he has 4 swords
Ninja Rank: Was a secret assassin AMBU, and then became a missing nin.
Any Special Skills: Seems to have a near flawless defense, has the ability to use both sharing an and the brakeman at the same time into a new unnamed eye, finally he has six other forms that each has a special technique.
Any Village(s) he/she has been affiliated with: Leaf Village, Sound Village, And Shadow Village
Favorite Weapon: Chokuto
Genjutsu: Great skills
Ninjutsu: Good skills
Taijutsu: Moderate skills
Kekkei Genkai: Dosouran, Sharingan, and Byakugan
Clan: Hyuuga
Family: Cousin is the only living relative
Past: His father was Hyuuga and his mother Uchiha, since he was born with byakugan he was taken into the Hyuuga district and raised as a Hyuuga but he always felt he could have more, then, one night his house was raided and he was nearly killed when his eyes changed red, he had unlocked sharingan, with both eyes he killed the men who were attacking his house, one of whome was his best friend from the Uchiha district, but another Hyuuga had seen this. When word of this broke out his parents were discovered and murdered, he lived his life rejected from all but his cousin. At age 17 he left the leaf village. After 4 years had passed he had learned a jutsu for immortality, he then put himself inside the body of his own black snake, while there he trained for what it seemed like to him, after a while three people hade come there and he fought them resulting in being able to be freed, he then took kobo?s life and the lives off all sumizomes to attain freedom
Spoiler: mikoto

Name: miu
Age: 19
Gender: female
Looks: black hair, black eyes
Ninja Rank: unknown
Any Special Skills: can turn into and use birds for attack and possesses sharingan
Any Village(s) you have been affiliated with: shadow village
Favorite Weapon: knives
Genjutsu: sharingan
Ninjutsu: unknown
Taijutsu: unknown
Kekkei Genkai: sharingan
Clan: none
Family: none
Past: none
Spoiler: miu

Name: ayatsuri kugutsu
Age: ?
Gender: ? (looks male)
Looks: has brown spiky hair
Ninja Rank: ANBU shadow ops/bounty hunter
Any Special Skills: you?ll find out
Any Village(s) you have been affiliated with: Leaf and Shadow
Favorite Weapon: toxins
Genjutsu: ?
Ninjutsu: ?
Taijutsu: ?
Kekkei Genkai: none
Clan: none
Family: none
Past: overthrew sumizome and took control of the shadow organization but when mikoto came back he fled
Spoiler: ayatsuri
Spoiler: kumori uchiha
Name: kumori uchiha
Age: 22
Gender: male
Looks: looks like a mummy and wears a dark black cloak
Ninja Rank: former ANBU black ops
Any Village(s) you have been affiliated with: Leaf and Shadow
Favorite Weapon: shadow blade
Genjutsu: moderate skills
Ninjutsu: heavy skills
Taijutsu: moderate skills
Kekkei Genkai: unknown
Clan: uchiha
Family: mikoto
Past: all that is known is that his eyes were stolen by mikoto, but a special jutsu was used to keep him alive, and is current second in command of the shadow organization.