THANK GOD!!!:argh

not much happenin'.

it's just that the fact that no one seems to like anime in almost all of my classes...I feel SO lonely...

But!! There's a bright side: I'M UNIQUE!!WOOT!!!:laugh

But, on another note. i had this strange dream last night. The dream was about the leaf village burning. I was throwing in some gasoline to help encourage the flames, then i see Amaterasu. I jump back, and I see Itachi.He walks over to me and talls me that the leaf village is trash, and tell him i already know that. Then, sasuke comes and cuts Itachi's head off...I drew this katana and when i swung it, dragons came out of it. i swung it near Sasuke, and the dragons ate sasuke's head...:oh

Oh, I found out how to put up screenshots of your computer today. My friend Danny taught me that.

That's all for now. see ya's next itme!!
I'll leave ya a little gift:

I want that cat as a pet. it looks CUTE!!!XD