Yeh, i just finished watching Tales of Symphonia and i gotta say i am a little bit annoyed. Its not the show itself that bothering me, it in fact was awesome and i was drawn into it from the first minute. (wishing i had the game now :p )

What annoys me is something else, like the fact that there are only 4 episodes released of a kickass anime like this :mad
How the heck can there not be more episodes of it. I mean sure they came with the game first, but so what. They can release the anime now anyway and just make it the leading part and the game being the spinoff of it instead.

Gah, i can't wait to see the next four episodes when they are released. A show like this with great story and character design not to mention how it relates to our own history. (norse mythology is used in it and there are even arabic and greek components to it)
All in all i pitty anyone who likes anime that misses out on it. I am not one that falls in love with all sorts of animes. Thus far i have found 3-4 that i really really like and alot that i think is ok but could be better and a whole lot of crap. This one should sit on a pedistal the way it is now. Its THAT good.