Starbucks is the greatest thing that's ever happened to society, not just America but our global flat new world. Within the span of a decade it has created a vacuum of blind need of crack-like proportions, all legal, all biologically binding. And what does that show about us as people, that we are a slave to our own desire for popularity, be it wine, women or, wardrobe: we need a king. Starbuks resides upon the breakfast beverage throne and waxes transient ideology on a biblical scale. Starbucks is church. Starbucks is the kings church, therefore the king is god. So why is this good? Because we make it good, and why do we make it good, because we need to recognize our own insufficiencies as normal, how do we do that? We divide our lives days into sections of obediences.

Starbucks is a teacher, in support of those who can understand the subtle structure that it is trying to create as a dominate face. It is such a startlingly popular brand that people people cannot live without it. They are the minds that developed a system within the collective laziness of the population. Why force people to cross the street when a true king owns all corners. That is the mindset of a giant, and Starbucks towers over us as an example of the game well played.