Ryokugyu instead of Shiryuu

A lot of people were bitching about Shiryuu taking Jozu's fruit and beating Mihawk theory. But now that Oda has shit on that the possibility of Shiryuu beating Mihawk has become dim.

Many were concerned about who Zoro was going to fight during Final war. Some were having trouble with timeline regarding when he would fight Mihawk. Some even suggested after Luffy becoming PK, fighting in Final War Oda should make an additional arc solely for Zoro fighting Mihawk.

To me Mihawk was never going to be anything more than the hype train. Whether the PK throne fight or Final war I could never place him in either one of them. Aside from being Zoro's goal he has no purpose in the story.

So him getting beat by someone wouldn't surprise me that much. I hoped it would be Shiryuu but I would be fine with it being Ryo.

Fujitora has come up with a solution for you. And that is abolishing the Shichibukai system.

No marine could touch any Shichibukai because WG provided protection for them. But if Fujitora succeeds then Mihawk will be a fair game.

I predict Oda has reserved Green Bull for this exact purpose. GB will first appear when he goes to fight Mihawk & arrest him. This way, Zoro's opponent for the final war will be set. He will take revenge for his Sensei and become WSS in the same arc SHP + RA will take out the WG.

Tier List Placement

I actually put Shanks above Mihawk. Not by much. IMO if they fight 10 times then Shanks would win 7 times & Mihawk 3 times. That's just the way I view it.

Regarding Ryo > Shanks/Mihawk. I currently place Kizaru on the same level as Shanks (50/50 either way). I do think Ryo is a bit weaker but by fighting Mihawk he will improve & rise to Mihawks level. So more like,

Pre - Fight, Shanks >~ Mihawk > Ryo
Post - Fight, Shanks >~ Mihawk ~ Ryo

Devil Fruit

I am rooting for him to have a Zoan fruit.

Honestly speaking instead of a paramecia or logia swordsman I prefer Zoan swordsman cause Zoan DF improve physical stats & won't have much effect on the characters primary fighting style whether he is a swordsman or Martial artist.

The War that took out ROX

In Chapter 907 we learned a few things,

  • Before Roger a pirate captain or organization named Rocks was the top group.
  • Big Mom & Kaido possibly worked under this organization/captain.
  • We thought Garp became a Marine Hero because of his fight with Roger, but now learned that it happened before that. Probably when he took down "Rocks" organization or their captain.
Now lets factor in some other points,
  • Zephyr become Admiral ad the age of 38. He died at the age of 78. So that happened 40 years before the current timeline.
  • Rocks captain/organization was defeated 40+ years prior to current timeline.


40 years ago Garp, Sengoku & Zephyr were the most prominent vice-admirals of marine. They led an Armada against Rocks pirates to defeat them once & for all.

They also had other strong marines with them like Tsuru, Bogart & others as well who were Rear Admiral at that time.

Meme wasn't directly under Rocks & was just allied captain (like Squardo & Sai etc.). Kaidowas the cabin boy like Shanks.

The whole plan was crafted by Sengoku & Tsuru. They timed it just when Meme, & other allied captains were not present. As a result they only fought the core crew of Rocks pirates.

Garp beat their captain & became "the hero of marine". Sengoku & Zephyr beat their top commanders (current Yonko FM level) & became Admiral.

By the time Meme learned about it it was too late. After Rocks was defeated she went her own way and started gaining power & eventually became Yonko. Marines didn't arrest Kaidocause he was a minor & let him go instead.

"They are growing in strength." -- Hina

My theory is that they started growing in power recently. ROX pirates FM was locked in Level 6. He didn't take part in BB's little game cause he had other plans in mind. After BB ransacked Level 6 he escaped and has been gathering up old members & recruiting new ones.

I also think that Luffy will fight the ROX pirates FM after he beats Kaido along with Kidd & Law.

Luffy's future fight

I am hoping that Luffy will fight two Yonko and two Admirals.

First, Kaido. It will be a team battle against Kaido. Most likely the Auction House Trio will join hands.

Now, I am not totally sure about this but I think post-Wano SHC's main villain is going to be ROX pirates. It's possible that Luffy will either fight ROX Captain/FM or Weevil then.

Second, an Admiral most likely Fujitora as he isn’t allowed to set foot in any marine without bringing down Luffy. He will most likely call a Buster Call to assist him against SHC.

Third, it’s going to be BlackBeard. This will happen after BB takes out Shanks and at Raftel. It will be the fight to determine who will be the PK.

Fourth, Akainu. The main villain is going to be Im. But Luffy's opponent is going to be Akainu while Dragon/Sabo takes care of Im/Kong.