So, LongWarJournal released an interesting piece Monday.

Here's an excerpt:
"Within weeks after the new central and provincial governments signaled it would revive negotiations with the Taliban in the Northwest Frontier Province and the lawless tribal areas, Pakistan has freed a senior Taliban leader jailed since 2002. After signing a six-point agreement with the Tehrik Nifaz-e-Shariah Mohammadi, the government released Sufi Mohammed, the leader of the radical Taliban group."

Basically, they released the leader of the Taliban from custody. Why? Appearantly in the hopes of appeasing the group that's basically making the government of Pakistani their... well, lets just say they feel like Pakistan is now their loyal dog.

So whats the score card now? Well:
South Waziristan fell some time in the spring of 2006 (I suspect sometime in late March). On March 6, I referred to South Waziristan as 'Talibanistan.' Shariah Law was declared in South Waziristan at this time and the Taliban began to rule openly. A single political party was established in South Waziristan, a party loyal to the Taliban. It is said a secret accord was signed between the Pakistani government and the Taliban around this time. All along the fighting in North Waziristan increased over the course of 2006.
Ouch. Doesn't look good for Pakistan people. Their gov't is bending over backwards for the Taliban. So much so, they are still talking peace:

"The Pakistani government, under the leadership of President Pervez Musharraf and the direction of former Northwest Frontier Province governor Jan Orakzai, has signed similar agreements with the Taliban in the tribal agencies of Bajaur, Mohmand, and North and South Waziristan and the settled district of Swat. The Taliban used these peace agreements to expand its control throughout the region and launch attacks along with the Taliban against Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and the West."​

Another Excerpt:
"Pakistan's central government has again indicated it is willing to negotiate with the Taliban, but said it would not be "blackmailed" by them. "We won?t listen to their demands that are totally unrealistic," said Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. "If they want us to hand over [jailed] terrorists as a [precondition] for talks, that will not happen." But the TNSM demanded the release of Sufi Mohammed as a precondition for talks with the government."​

It doesn't seem like the Pakistan Gov't is actually doing much but giving the terrorists just what they want. Or maybe I'm missing something? Maybe I just a fall into the whole believe to never negotiate with terrorists. Someone, anyone, want to correct me on that?