It can be hard to remain optimistic about the state of the world, because the more I read, the more my mind puts the pieces to together...and it is painting a bleak picture.

Natural resources depleting at an ever increasing pace, while our population is expected to double by 2050.


12 Billion fucking humans.

How are we expected to sustain that many people with the limitted resources we are already tapping out? More importantly, how can we continue to hold up this Illusion that all these 12 billion people will be afforded the same affluent luxury and lifestyles we maintain?

We cannot even afford to maintain the lifestyle we have now for that long without permanent and irreversible consequences.

Yet somehow, politicians, corporations and idealists want us to believe that technology and 'ingenuity' will solve all our problems.

Despite the most obvious fact, that all of our accelerating problems are results OF technology. What makes us believe that technology will suddenly stop having unexpected and negative side-effects?

If you have any wish to understand what options we have available to us, I HIGHLY recommend the following five books as a launch-point for further exploration of ideas and ideals:

By Jared Diamond - Guns Germs and Steel (The Fate of Civillizations), Collapse (How Some Societies to Fail or Succeed)
By Naomi Klein - No Logo (Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies)
By Thomas Homer-Dixon - The Upside of Down
Editted by William Cronon - Uncommon Ground (Rethinking the Human Place in Nature)