Yeah..I'm really beginning to feel the effects of porcrastination. It's almost spring break for me( two more weeks of classes for me.) My professors gave me so much work and being human I I'm gonna have to move quick. Here's alist of all the shit I gotta do:

1. Life Size drawing of myself, fully shaded, and draw a unique enviorment for the background
2. 6-7 page comic strip
3. 2 exams
4. A 6 page paper on Greek architecture and how it relates to a building structure I choose.
5. 60+ more drawings in my sketchbook.

I have to get this all done in the next two weeks...and I've barley started. Looks like it's time to pull some all-nighters.:zaru

So yeah kiddies..moral of the story is PROCRASTINATION FAILS.:mad