And I ask you my brothers and sisters: who are the true animals?

Ever wonder why we have rules for the reputation system when they are so easily ignored. Spamasuki got shut down due to rep abuse. It was the rep game all out of control.

For those of you who don't know about early forum history, there was once a thread called the "rep game". In this thread you'd rep everyone on the current page until you ran out of rep. Then, since you now have a post on the page, you'd get repped by anyone who came and posted after you. That little business was shut down, of course, after much debate, I imagine.

Spamasuki was much the same. Call up the rep logs for old Spamasuki members and you'll see all the prominent members repping the shit out of each other just to fuck with the system.

The Blender is the new Spamasuki. In it, we have stupid fucks with stupid fucking posts, posting stupid threads that talk about nothing, and aren't funny, and serve no purpose than to clog up my precious new post page.

How is it that of the top 1% of the highest rep belongs to these Blender ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".)? Sure, sometimes they're humorous, but enough so that their rep is so much higher than your Battledomers, or Debaters, or your FC regulars, or those MD guys, or the Art crowd? Especially in a section of the forums that really serves no purpose.

I say down with the Blender! I say cull all their rep; strip it from them and cast them down amongst the forum dregs where they belong!

Or, on a more realistic view point, couldn't we remodel the rep system so such blatant abuse would not occur? Maybe make it so you can't rep someone who gave you one of your last twenty reps. Prevent rep backs. Shut down repping in any forum area that won't give posts, or something like that.