For the past few days i haven't been on Naruto Forums because all the classes at my school assign way too much work for ten year olds.
At my school the classes i take are: English (poetry/advanced journalism) French 3 Honors, Advanced History (American History) Chemistry Honors, Advanced Biology, Orchestra, Gym, Advanced Pre-Geometry and Trigonometry (eight grade class)
Then i have activity/sport, i do lacrosse and tennis for sport, and origami as my activity.

School is eight hours long and usually a two hour sport/activity. So when i get home it's night time, and my mother cooks our dinner, then i have to do all my school work, then when ever i finish that (i usually finish now sometime at two in the morning).
The teachers are just giving to much work to all of us, it's like they don't want us to have any fun!