So it occurred to me recently that I am spending way too much time on computers, the internet, social networking sites, Facebook, Myspace, and sadly -- Narutofan.

It is counterproductive. And I now recognize that I have a problem. Don't get me wrong. The internet is many things. But it is a tool; I am not going to be. Forums are great. Cancel that. They're amazing. Amazingly bad uses of my precious time.

Shooting the breeze with people like Lazarus (Write a book already), Phosphene, Erimia, Halo, pervy-hermit, LE, Belledragon, and the rest of the Old Farts has been -awesome-. I think Halo has my MSN if any of you want to bother me about anything. I also think Phosphene had me call her cellphone once when she lost it. Good luck with not losing it in the future.

The same can be said for Facebook and Myspace. They're tools. We however, are humans. And I think social networking and forums start to go bad once they become an end in and of themselves. Does your postcount matter? Do the number of Myspace bulletins matter? Do the number of Facebook applications matter? No. Interpersonal trumps web, and I frankly, have been lying to myself

So for the next few months I'm going to self-experiment. I'm going to delete all the personal information on all sites I have a profile on, ask for a temporary ban here, quit all browser games, and cease any online activity except for instant messaging, email, and simple browsing.

It's time for the web to be a tool again.
It's time to live where I am rather than somewhere else.

Farewell. I'm taking the blue pill.

Kickero/The Space Cowboy.