So I hate the question "How are you doing?" Every time I am asked that question I am severely irked. The classic response is "I'm doing good" but it's pretty much the only response you can give in a reasonable amount of time.

Say you're doing shitty. Your house burnt down, your dog died, and you've just found out that you are HIV positive and that that chick you got it from was really a dude.

What's going to be the reaction of a casual acquaintance if you answer truthfully? They'll probably want details of your sorrows. But do you really want to share? Sharing your failures requires a certain level of intimacy with another person. And as a casual acquaintance--do they have the right to that information?

Would you tell someone that say...your marriage is quickly falling apart if they were just a store clerk trying to be polite by greeting you and asking "How are you today?" I think not. I think you'd respond with something along the lines of "I'm doing well."

And you would be lying. You aren't doing well. You want someone to talk to, and -it isn't them-

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