Title: Tainted Bride and her sins

Rotten hearts tainted with sins,
What are we grasp in our moments grin?
Devilish humor shadowed us in spins,
How are we blinded to mixed deed with sin?

Glass splattered with sprays of blood,
Let's unite to bind our grace,
In dark prayers of heartly occult,
We'll remain hidden in sins till time's disgrace.

Darkness sparks for one devil's miracle,
Speak slowly of heavenly murder,
Wind blows cut through skin's scale,
Now shall we smell of blood's odour.

A bride's in bloody heist,
Veiled over shadows that greet her sins,
Shall she walks over the devil's fiest,
And applause of immortal rein begins.

She and her sins shall live,
And no devil's shall miss the laughing matter,
Shall they trout and spit at her as in hell she live,
And nothing shall help her as she steps in; no matter.