August 14 (1:40 AM)

I often have regrets and find myself thinking about the past a lot (even the recent past). I remember what a wet blanket I was in elementary. I still am, I suppose, since I tend to spread feelings to those I talk to and I often feel depressed. (And I'm also too shy to talk to others so my presence often inhibits). Wait, yes. I still am. I am also not very open and smiling seems problematic. Not that I like it.

I also danced and sang in public. *shudders*
Now I try not to. I regret it a lot. Things I've said and done linger. I find myself repeating things and shaking my had at them.

Also, I am pretty crazy in the bathroom. I make faces and do other weird stuff. I can stay there for, an hour even.

There is actually a lot I have to say. I wish I could remember it all... (I was just listening to music so that must have disrupted my train of thought, or gave me too much to think about and keep up with for writing.)