Myths about The Queen of Fables:

Claim: Can fight the Queen of Fables, who is an extra-dimensional embodiment of evil folklore, and can withstand attacks from 4-D when she's utilising four-dimensional energy.

Source: JLA Volume 1 #47-49


I don't know where the Queen of Fables being 4-Dimensional comes from, presumably either Action Comics #834/835 or Wonder Woman Volume 3 #24/25, but irregardless, throughout the main storyline the Queen of Fables wasn't directly fighting them there at all; she was taking stories from each hero's folklore and having them fight it. Superman wasn't fighting a direct manifestation of the Queen of Fables, he was fighting a beast from Kryptonian legend who was also under a yellow sun. Jon was fighting this candle monster from his own folklore. Wonder Woman comes from Greco-Roman Mythology so she was being bound by the webs of spiders, alluding to the myth of Arachne. They were spawned by the Queen of Fables, but we have no proof they scale to her. They scale to the fear the JLA has of them.

And sure, entertaining that she can withstand 4-D energy, that's still not why they defeated her. They didn't physically beat her. The Queen of Fables' whole modus operandi is manipulating fiction and fantasy and thriving on its magical and unreal properties. She saw herself existing in a fictional world of knights and goblins and dwarevs and woodsmen and magic mirrors. Diana's whip, IIRC it's magic but that doesn't matter, focuses on truth and reality, hence why it is called "The Lasso of Truth." When the Queen of Fables accidentaly took hold of it, she witnessed the scientific and grounded nature of the real world, that she can age, that life is transient, and from experiencing the reality of the universe she lost. In fact, in order to keep her powerless for ever, they sealed her inside the most unimaginative and dull thing possible - a tax-code manual. This again shows that she has no power over physical scientific reality and cannot scale to the characters' physicality.

She was not defeated physically, she was defeated by the fact that she was trying to push fantasy and fiction in a world where none of it existed and she was forced to face the consequences of being in a world where she could age and she couldn't summon minotaurs. So in other words, the JLA never really did scale physically to her.

Lying about fighting The Red King, caught red handed

Claim: Superman fought the Red King, who can reshape the universe and destroy possibilities containing universes one by one, as well as having created the universe with his dreams.

Source: JLA Classified #32-36


This is 100% absolutely out of context.

For one thing, the Red King is a man named Darrin Proffit. And it was Doctor Destiny using a Relic gem in the Materioptikon(?) to destroy possibilities, not the Red King through physical abilities. This same relic/setup allowed Darin Proffit to exploit the defects of it to go across billions of different realities and have different lives, weeding it down to three left where three Profitts, now known as the Red King, was vested armor that wasn't based on the gem, but basically the best technology feasibly created by thousands of worlds and millions of lifetimes worth of research to counter the JLA. So it had some limited dimensional manipulation but its full extent is unknown. Point is he doesn't scale to breaking probabilities because that is in a context not seen at the moment. That is only when he is in the Materioptikon and using that stone again, not his own power, to destroy obsolete possibilities and using the realm within it as Batman describes in #36 as a "hub world."

Darin fought that Bizarro Superman in #35, that first blast wasn't a full powered one, it was just one to throw down Supes and potentially kill him. His actual full powered attack killed Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. He also one-shotted MMH after MMH kept spamming illusions. Point is, he outright stomped the league when it came to head-on strength and there was nothing that the JLA could do when it came to brute strength to do anything, and again the reality shattering is through a means he doesn't enjoy whenever he is fighting the JLA.

In #36, Flash states Superman wouldn't be able to keep up with Red King, and Red King hadn't even used his full power yet. When he actually starts fighting, he easily defeats GL and MMH and his largest fuckup was absorbing one of the alternate Red Kings who had became a good guy which corrupted his mind and let him fall into the JLA's trap and lose. And finally, Superman only managed to punch him off guard to BFR him.

The only possible scalable feat here is that Wonder Woman destroyed this Gem, but we don't know if it's durability scales to its power potential, especially since it's stated to be useless outside its hub world.

So basically all the reality destruction is based on a gem relic that only works and is really useful in its hubworld and Red King's actual powers are all earth-based with some hax limitedly shown like dimensional manipulation. He still absolutely stomped the JLA and is far above them. Superman shouldn't at all scale to any probability destruction unless you argue WW destroying the gem could scale but I don't think there is any proof its actual durability scales.

Superman fought Cythonnia tho

Claim: Superman fought and overwhelmed the Kryptonian God Cythonna, who warred for a long time against the Kryptonian God Rao, who created the universe.

Source: Superman: The Last God of Krypton


Superman didn't overwhelm Cythonia whatsoever. In fact, the reality is that Cythonnia >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Superman. Superman admits he was scared of her. Lex Luthor believes she is much stronger and gambles giving him a piece of kryptonite to hopefully beat her. Before the main fight Superman even gave Lois Lane his mechsuit to protect her believing that he will lose to Cythonna.

Then she revealed his true form and still beat him down hard. It took intervention from Lois Lane with a Kryptonian Mech and Superman using Lex Luthor's kryptonite on her to push her into the core of the Sun to finally subdue her, not even beat her, but just weaken her as she has a weakness to the Sun. So her true form even while weakened by direct solar contact still >>> Superman while fighting in the Sun who only was even to her first form when heavily weakened.

Lastly, there is no proof Cythonna is even universal. For one thing, the notion that Rao created the universe is from Kryptonian Mythology, not actual grounded reality. This mythology is explored in Action Comics #886 where the myth is described from a Kryptonian book. Ergo, it has a bias towards Kryptonians and isn't based on objective reality. In Sandman: Endless Nights, Rao is portrayed as a star god governing soley his star system and representing it, making him star or large star level (Rao is a Red Giant, meaning it might be low density/gravity and thus low GBE but we don't know). And in reality, as discovered later, the World Forger created the universe. So Cythonna really would only be at most Large Star level. She isn't even universal in the first place.

Bonus Big One: But Superman fought Nebula Man guyz

Claim: Superman fought against Nebula Man, who is a universe.

Source: Justice League Classified #1-3


There is SO much wrong with this I can't even keep count

Well, for one thing, Nebula Man (Also known as Qwewq for anyone confused) is a mini-universe... Literally... As in sure within him is a universe but characters have to use a boomtube to go in an infant form of himself because the universe exists on an attoscopic scale. Adult Nebuloh doesn't look all too much larger, which can also explained because he was weakened due to being inside a human host at the time. He will eventually grow to the size of a real universe, but even that is prevented because a flaw given to him in his infant self where he isn't even capable of expanding to that level.

Plus what even is this fight? It wasn't some grueling match where either side went all out, it was a short skirmish where it's clear both are just doing intimidating glancing blows and warning shots, not nearly using their full power. This isn't a real fight, it's a tiny skirmish at best.

So in conclusion here:

1. Superman and Nebula Man both weren't exerting nearly enough effort to show their full capabilities or who would really win
2. Regardless of the effort of the fight, Nebula Man is a living universe but said universe is attoscopic in scale and he has expanded only enough to fill out a human host, and due to a flaw in him he can't even expand to a universal scope anyways.