And.. Well so, I'll introduce myself then I suppose. XD

Well... Iv'e been RPing for 6 years (makes me feel old..) and I RP'd Temari for 2 of those years, hence the name o.o. I'm familiar with the common 'noob' talk (no offense! ^_^; ) and other baby talk like that. I'm also familiar with both one-liners RP and lit/para RP. :D

Obviously as well I'm a naruto fan, and anime fan in general.. Just to say >.>;;

As for my personality, I can safely say I'm a very nice, yet shy person x.x; I have many opinions on things and like to state my opinions (probably one of the reasons an forum interested me), allthough mind you I'm new to the forums, so a few friends would be nice.. D: